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Drupal IBAN Verification using Libraries API

In Drupal projects it's often needed to make calls to functions or methods defined in thirdparty PHP scripts. PHP include, require or its siblings has been the most simple and traditional way to achieve it. Drupal offers a dynamic and more flexible way for doing it. Such that any module can define thirdparty script and allows other module to make use of it and alter as needed.

knackforge blog knowledge base

Drupal Form API - Overriding required field asterisk

Forms are the essential components of Dynamic websites. At KnackForge we firmly believe and make the best use of Drupal CMF. API forms the backbone of Drupal's success and Form API is the most important among them. When Form API used together with the blend of themeing layer, it gives a fine control to get the desired output.

Forms in Drupal are created using PHP array.

knackforge blog knowledge base

Beware of core search module

A quick tip for sites using Drupal 7 core search module. It is very common to see Drupal sites counting on core search module to feature native site search functionality. When the volume of the content grows, need for offloading the search to thirdparty server could felt; as core search doesn't scale or designed to yield optimal output.

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Playing with Views API

Views, one of the most powerful module in the Drupal ecosystem. It has a great ability to create custom pages specific to project requirements from within Drupal admin interface without having to write any code. But at times it may become tedious even for the Views module to accomplish a few usecases. At such a point, things can be achieved programmatically by leveraging the API. This post aims at providing a practical piece of codes pertaining to Views for different scenario.

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Querying the data in Apache Solr index from drupal module

At KnackForge we thrive hard to deliver best Drupal sites. As a part of this cause, for our potential Drupal sites we opt to use Apache solr as engine offering searching functionality. This makes our sites more scalable.

Recently team KnackForge was engaged in developing a massive Science News publishing site inspired by More details about this site can be found in this case study page in


Saving remote images as Drupal files locally

'A picture is worth a thousand words', a famous adage. Images plays an important role in elaborating the contents. But at times there may transpire a situation where these images has to be saved from a remote site and then upload them into the corresponding content. If the images reaches a out bound limit, it becomes infeasible to have a endeavour. At such a instance the best approach is to programmatically save the images in your local system.


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How to bulk delete drupal nodes with drush script

I have been working on an interesting project that integrates Drupal, Apache Solr and mahout for providing content recommendation engine. Needless to say it has been an interesting ride filled with a lots of sapid and amusing challenges. More details about this project will be shared in follow up post. In this post, quickly I would like to share a trick to delete a bunch of Drupal nodes using drush script.

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