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Create feed importer with custom module

Drupal family members would be well aware about the power of Feeds module. More than many times, thereof has served us in creating new contents with less work and time. Recently I looked the feeds module from a unseen angle, "How to create feeds importer from my custom module?".  To make my requirement clear please visit Quiz Questions Import module's page and if possible use this to get a clear picture about what this blog can do for you.

knackforge blog knowledge base

Display a custom content type's field in 'Manage fields' page

Recently I had a requirement to create a custom content type. I was no new to this as I had previous such encounters. Post creation of this content type I noticed that the fields were misplaced while creating a node from the same. At first glance it looked a cakewalk shot as we are aware about the default configuration.
Considering the same, I traced to Structure->Content Type->Manage Fields(for my custom content type) to change the order of the fields. Strange to witness, my fields was not present in content type's Manage field page!
number of posts per page

Changing the number of blog posts to show in blog page

Every small finding is worth sharing. This blog post is no except for this fact. Drupal ships with a module for blogging since a long time. This mighty module offers a potential multi-user blogging feature to Drupal site. This is an essential module for most of the contents publishing site. Blog content has been architectured to leverage node. A new blog can be created by any user with permission "Blog entry: Create new content" as of Drupal 7.

Add Placeholders

Add Placeholders to Captcha input field

HTML 5 has been encompassed with many novel attributes, one of which is the Placeholders. The Placeholder attribute displays text in the input field till it is focused and then hides the text on click. These Placeholders plays an momentous role in offering a visual information about the field. A general place where I prefer to add Placeholders is template.php in your theme. 

knackforge blog knowledge base

Altering Rules action using hook_rules_action_info_alter()

Rules no novel to Drupal area, are always considered as the unsophisticated way to accomplish action. A paradigm of rule's dominance can be witnessed in sending a mail after a user account creation, Blocking a Specific user from accessing the site, Providing access to products in Drupal Commerce, etc. Rules can be created either programmatically or by using piece of code.

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