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Breadcrumbs with Hansel module-2 : Steps to create Breadcrumbs for all scenarios

The switches and hopes in the Hansel module is called as Hansel Flow. To make a Hansel module work, we should create

  1. A new rule called "Start"(It is a standard and fixed name to make the flow happen, so do not change this under any situation),
  2. Under parent as 'root', add a single link as 'action with breadcrumbs' and switch as 'action'.
  3. I Insist to go with switch as the action because it can cover a huge and future intention to developing sites.

The next button leads to another form where we can specify the Name and Link.

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Breadcrumbs with Hansel module - 1 : Introduction

The term breadcrumbs technically needs no foreword, as we all are well aware of it. Breadcrumbs provide links back to each previous page the user navigated through to get to the current page. Drupal too has many modules to accomplish the navigation. Custom breadcrumbs, one of the most popular navigation module in Drupal being preferred over others to accomplish the breadcrumbs.

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