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Expanding the Storage Space of an EBS Volume on Linux

This guide applies to increasing the root volume size of an EBS EC2 Linux instance on AWS. By default most Linux instances come with an 8GB root volume unless you changed it at first launch. If you are one of the people that forgot to do this or you just simply need to extend the volume take a look at this guide.

I started out with an Amazon Linux instance and an 8GB volume.

1. First you want to navigate to you EC2 console at

Karalmax Wed, 04/06/2016 - 08:25
EBS Volume in Linux
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AWS Elastic load balancer with GoDaddy SSL

This is a step by step procedure on how to install Godaddy SSL certificate on AWS Elastic loadbalancer.

Generating a SSL Certificate:

     To install SSL certificate, you must generate and submit CSR (Certificate Signing Request) to CA (certificate authority). SSL certificates from Godaddy are supported by all secure webserver software. CSR-generation instructions are available for the Web servers listed as below.,

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