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Advantages of Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services & KnackForge

Our KnackForge relationship managers and development teams have introduced many satisfied clients to the advantages of cloud computing with Amazon Web Services. When your business moves application development and data to the cloud, you will enjoy flexibility, efficiency, and advanced technology. If you choose Amazon Web Services or AWS, for cloud computing, you partner up with a known brand that's the number one provider in the entire world.

Amazon Web Services is capable of supporting enterprises with billion-dollar budgets. This company also offers many options that are affordable for startups and SMBs. That's why our KnackForge development experts usually suggest it for our clients who do not already have their own cloud platform or have found their existing platform won't satisfy their needs. 

Six Benefits of Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing With KnackForge

Our KnackForge teams have both experience and training in the most popular AWS services. If you're not familiar with cloud computing or Amazon Web Services, take a moment to explore six key benefits: 

1. Scale and Invest at Your Pace 

Many businesses have peak periods and slower periods. If you need more or fewer resources, we can add or subtract them within minutes or hours. You won't have to wait for days or weeks for new hardware to show up, make a large capital investment, or hire more people to maintain them. Your company also doesn't need to worry about wasting money on more resources than you need. AWS allows you to right-size rapidly. and KnackForge has the expertise to help you. 

While Amazon Web Services supports such large and high-performance applications as Netflix and Snapchat, they also have many smaller customers. You only pay for what you need, so a startup or small business can enjoy the same high-tech and high-performance solutions as the largest enterprise. This solution satisfies the business requirements of all sorts of businesses.

2. Take Advantage of Experience 

If you are familiar with Amazon's business, you know that they have had years of experience when it comes to choosing and implementing the high-performance architecture. Amazon is one of the world's largest retailers. Of course, they conduct the majority of their eCommerce business online. They have the resources and the knowledge to keep up with their datacenters and hardware in terms of both security and performance.

If you had an unlimited budget to purchase your own hardware and hired hardware engineers, it would still probably take you years to catch up to Amazon's data centers. Your business also doesn't have to risk mistakes that many companies make when they choose hardware, security systems, and databases. The real-world learning curve is long and costly. The good news is that your company won't need to endure it.

3. Work From Anywhere 

From the first day, your business will have complete control over any applications that our KnackForge teams develop for you. With cloud computing, you have access to everything via the internet. This means that you can log into your Amazon Web Services account from anywhere and from just about any connected device that you choose to use. You also don't have to give up security for this flexibility because KnackForge can secure your AWS system to PCI compliance standards.

You can see the same application and data from an office in Denver that your dedicated team sees in Tyler, Texas or overseas. This ability makes it easy for you to communicate with your KnackForge relationship manager and development team. KnackForge development teams pride themselves on total transparency. AWS cloud computing is one tool that can offer it to you.

4. Benefit From a Popular, Standardized Platform 

Amazon Web Services is the most popular cloud computing service on the planet. Last year, AWS reported over $12 billion in sales, and they command well over one million users. While many cloud providers have seen sales slip, Amazon's numbers just increasing. The fact that they have actually reduced some of their prices recently probably just ads to the numbers. KnackForge developers will also work with you to manage your resources and costs.

You'll also probably spend more money if you try to find development talent with the skills to maintain odd or uncommon architecture. Because the Amazon system is so popular, you can benefit from the efficiency of using a more common and standardized platform that will be easier to maintain. This makes development, maintenance, and security more efficient and cheaper. Software professionals can use familiar tools without wasting your time training and be gaining experience.

5. Enjoy World-Class Security

Naturally, you want to be certain that your data, applications, and networks are safe. With so many high-profile cases of data breaches, you are right to have questions about security. AWS employs the latest and best practices to secure its hardware and data centers. KnackForge developers know how to take advantage of several built-in security tools to do the same for software, applications, and communication.

These built-in tools include encryption software, security modules, web firewalls, and monitoring systems. In addition, KnackForge supports customers who must comply with PCI standards through Amazon Web Services.  PCI DSS governs any entity that accepts credit card transactions. Our KnackForge developers understand how to employ these tools to comply with your own company's governance practices and our own experience in providing secure applications for many clients. We all want to be certain that your applications are durable and safe.

6. Stop Worrying About Backups and Recoverability 

Your business probably can't afford to lose time recovering lost data or systems. Next to malicious actions, accidental losses are one of the biggest threats to companies. You'll be relieved to learn that AWS was designed to make backups easy, reliable, and affordable.

KnackForge development teams can simplify your backup and recovery operations for data you have now or those we develop for you. We can make use of built-in Amazon tools and third-party providers, depending upon the situation.

Let KnackForge Introduce You to AWS Cloud Computing

Our KnackForge developers have expertise in many AWS services. These include:

  • EC2, S3, and RDS
  • Aurora, Lambda, and Redshift
  • SQS, SES, and SNS

You retain ownership over everything that KnackForge develops for you from the first day. When we deploy your applications with Amazon web services, you benefit from the best cloud computing, a dedicated development team, and a relationship manager who is committed to your company. Get started with Amazon Web Services and cloud computing today by contacting us.