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Background vidoes

How to set up a video background in Drupal 7 using the jquery.videobackground plugin

I’ve recently been working on a jQuery plugin that uses a HTML5 video as the background for a page. An idea that perhaps owes far too much of it’s inception to splash pages, it was worth investigating; as a test for HTML5 video player development and because of it’s interesting use of the video element.

This blog explains about how to set up video background in drupal. There are many plugins available to create background video in drupal and I am going to discuss jQuery videobackground plugin. The plugin should work in any browser that supports HTML5 video.

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TRANSLATION in Drupal 7 : How to work with

In the previous part, we discussed about the Translation in Drupal 7 works with few snapshots and some makeovers. Now, lets discuss how to work with translation to translate the contents, field values and entity items.

1) Translating Menus

With Drupal core alone, user-defined menu items are not translatable. The Menu translation module, part of the Internationalization (i18n) package, allows users to select a translation mode for each menu.The following modes are available:

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    Responsive vertical column layouts using jQuery Plugin

    Usually while we add contents to a div, it get arranged accordingly to our web styles. But there are some special cases where we need our contents to be arranged in a vertical manner as like the newspaper (or) journal content. To achieve this vertical fashion of content alignment, after a very long and vast search, we found these jQuery plugin to customize the column layouts dynamically based on these plugins:

    • columnizer.js
    • isotope.js
    Music player

    Drupal 7 audio player with download

    In this post, I would like to explain how to have a download button for an audio file along with an audio player. My objective was to allow users to play the audio file using a media player and also allow them to download the file using a button.

    For this purpose, I created a content type called "Media" with "field_audio" as the audio file field. I chose Mediafront module for the audio player. I hope setting up the audio player won't be that difficult, so let's move into the coding part.

    Slideshow drupal

    Slideshow in Drupal

    This post explains about creating a slideshow in drupal. There are many ways and plugins available to create a slideshow in drupal and I am going to discuss some methods which will be very efficient and useful.

    1) Using Views slideshow module

    2) Using jQuery cSlider plugin

    3) Using the Bootstrap carousel

    1. Using Views slideshow module:

    The modules required for this method are:

      1) Views

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