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Drupal 8 catching

Drupal 8 block caching

The approach to custom block caching is different in Drupal 8 from Drupal 7. In Drupal 8, all renderable arrays are cacheable, even those returned by custom block.


  • Some expensive-to-calculate data depends on the active theme: different results for different themes. Then you'd vary by the theme cache context.

Multi-level menu

Create Multi-level Bootstrap menu in Drupal 8

Bootstrap has recently removed the sub-menu features from version 3.x, so it won’t support the multi-level menu anymore. But drupal 8 has a multi-level menu structure. I am going to show you how to get back the sub menu features in bootstrap and how to render multi-level menu in the drupal 8. Just copy and paste the following css in your custom css, it has been taken from the bootstrap version 2.x with some custom changes,

Kickstart dropthemes kickstart offer!

We are amazed, it’s just 50 days from our kickstart, has been a leading site for buying and selling Drupal professional themes. With 1000+ average page views per day, we are surpassing 850+ downloads and 150 users as of now. This user response vitalizes us. We hope our platform will help many Drupal Themers to showcase their talent and skills.

To thank users for their interest in, we are happy to announce the “Zero fee” offer. Grab this chance to sell your creative themes in our websites and get your 100% on your first payout!


Drop themes announcement

Pleased to announce the launch of

We are happy to announce the launch of, an online marketplace where Drupal themes can be sold by anyone and everyone; Drupal Themers can sign up, upload and sell their own themes! Our platform will enable both site builders and Themers take a step closer towards their wants and needs. is a perfect stage for designers to showcase their talent and skills. Each and every theme is scrutinized and reviewed up till the very edge by our moderators and ensure the best congruency with Drupal framework.

Dynamic form fields

Create Dynamic Form Fields in Drupal 7

Drupal's Form API helps developers to build complex, extensible forms with minimal code and also gives the option to make the form fields as dynamic. It means to change/create form fields based on the other field's given value. There is a cool trick to make dynamic fields in drupal.


Translation of custom modules and themes in Drupal 7

As we discussed a lot about translation in the previous posts Translation in Drupal 7: How it works? and TRANSLATION in Drupal 7: How to work with, let us discuss a few points about how to do a custom translation to our module and pot(.po) file handling for string translations. Before getting into the custom translation let us know few things about pot file handling. The pot (or) potx file which will be with extension .po.

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