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Drupal 7


How to alter views field output programmatically

Amending the view output is no longer a tedious task. Especially by taking the advantage of settings available in Views 3.x like exclude from display, style settings, rewrite results and their sub-settings. The change can be anything simple from adding a <span> wrapper for CSS styling to complex token replacement (thanks to token module for making the Views module more awesome).



Drupal 7 pager not visible/ showing

Of late in two of my Drupal sites I found that pagers were not shown. This happened independent of active theme and modules generating the page (views,  panels, or core blog module). Essentially I reproduced this in the Recent logs messages page and default Blogs listing page (?q=blog). Below is the snapshot of how it looked to me.

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How to display a registration form in overlay on loading a page?

The registration form is always considered as the best way to attract the users to use the site. But the method of displaying the registration form has changed its dimension based on times and technologies. The present trend has the impact to display registration form in a overlay effect.
The overlays which holds no eminence to Drupal, can be easily used to display the registration form.
google map

How to add google map to your site's contact page.

The orthodox behavior of designing a contact page involves the inclusion of many contents like company or individual's physical address, phone number, email address and feedback form. Over the years it has become a trend to display the locality with the help of Google maps. But the jinx over Drupal Newbie is how to integrate Google map to a contact page? It isn't an arduous task, just involves some copy and paste work.


How to display views result count in Drupal 7

Views one of the prevailing modules in Drupal. It has the competence to dwindle manual work of pulling the data from Drupal table and formatting them to meet our needs. Most of the developers might have known about the filter and the sort criterion in the views, but only a few know the exact way to display the current items and total result count in this view. Does this requires acquaintance with coding? Apparently yes, but not as tedious as one would imagine. All it needs is a single line PHP print statement in view's template file.

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Drupal workshop at Jaya Engineering College

We Drupal Chennai, happened to meet on 19th Nov 2011 at Unimity solutions to talk about our love for Drupal. It was then arbitrated to take efforts to profuse Drupal in local colleges by taking the support of student volunteers and IEEE. In further to this consensus, we contacted Kumaran sir of Jaya Engineering College to start an official initiative. We were kindled by his momentum. Within a span of a week he managed to get the approval from college authorities.


How to redirect an user after logging into a drupal 7 site?

The main intention of this post is to provide a basic idea about coding which will redirect the users to a custom page once after logging in. The idea of the post was successfully tested in a sample Drupal 7 site and worked very well in all aspects. Once an user logs in, he will be redirected to his profile page. Is that what he needs to see? Apparently not, in that case it is essential for the site admins to redirect the user to the page that he needs.

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