Drupal Hosting

While Drupal helps to quickly build sites, it is often criticized for his bad performance especially when the site requires a plenty of contrib modules. It is essential to ensure that server is optimized for site specific needs. Our professionals are proficient enough to offer right recommendations to match your site's requirements. We offer right tools and practices to make hosting and maintenance a hassle free. We recommend to host Drupal site in cloud infrastructure like Amazon Web Services, as it helps to meet the growing demand.

Recent projects related to Drupal Hosting

Train 'n Gain

Train 'n Gain is a family of E-learning sites developed using Drupal 7 and quiz module. In Drupal parlance, it is a multisite (single code base and separate database per site). These sites intend to…

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It lets user to subscribe to various courses and attend tests from various accounting topics. Then training programs are created automatically based on the test results and some preconfigured…

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