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Top wine selling website in Spain is one of the top ­rated online wine selling website in Spain with over 300k active users. It is powered by pressflow Drupal 6 and ubercart, selling elite wines to people in Spain and France (soon expanding to more countries).
We have been part of team adding new features / functionalities & support to existing features.
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e-learning website mainly targeting accounting students of Switzerland.

It lets user to subscribe to various courses and attend tests from various accounting topics. Then training programs are created automatically based on the test results and some preconfigured parameters. It has various questions types like journal, paragraph, multichoice, matching, short answer and true/false. The site works seamlessly across different Web browsers like Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari and various Operating Systems.

Our Role:

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It is easy to learn languages

Friendarin is designed to help learning different languages like English, Chinese and Russian in terms of courses. There are lessons, audio, learning games, flashcards, quizzes and exercises for all different skill levels and it has a large number of resources to ensure that the users can learn a language in a way that suits them. Users can review their answers while attending the exercise, see their performances in terms of scores and get email notifications on important notice. The site is responsive and works across majority of web browsers.

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Meet awesome professionals, alumni and others near you. is one of those unique websites with full of custom-built features. It allows users to meet similar users near-by through Business Lunches. LetsLunch provides users with a host of features ranging from searching for people with an advanced search filter to sending private messages or requesting lunches with interesting people.

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Cashback discount site is a cashback discount site developed in Drupal 7 for our Belgium client. In brief, korting offers referral link for a list of categorized products to purchase from various ecommerce site. Once the purchase is completed cashback value is added to users wallet in site. Upon reaching a threshold, it is transferred to user's Paypal or bank account. Besides product referral link, discount coupons are available as well. 

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Better Learning is a HTML5/ CSS3 compliant, responsive website powered by Drupal 7.

Amendor is a digital agency for education. Their official portfolio website, designed by their fluent design experts has been translated into a Drupal website, without compromising on the details.

The site works / adapts seamlessly across browsers (IE 7.0 and above), operating systems & devices (desktop/mobile/tablet) - thanks to several round of intensive testing & feedback.

Our Role:

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Compare Auto Part Prices Before you Buy is a site that one could use primarily to search for Automobile Parts with advanced options to refine search by Make/ Model Fitment, Manufacturer, Category, and so on. 

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Train 'n Gain

eLearning professionals

Train 'n Gain is a family of E-learning sites developed using Drupal 7 and quiz module. In Drupal parlance, it is a multisite (single code base and separate database per site). These sites intend to offer sales and management classroom training courses. Leveraging more than 350 videos of real life, challenging sales situations. Each video delineates a different sales situation and is followed by a quiz question and feedback that augment classroom training courses. Contents available in English, German and Dutch.

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Drupal Newsletter Site

send mass newsletter emails

The Drupal Newsletter site is a backend site powered by Drupal 7 for mass newsletter emails sending. It's a custom built application backed by Mandrill, Web Services. Designed to be highly scalable, handling throughput as high as 75k emails per hour.

Some highlighting features of our newsletter site are below,

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