Get weather information throughout Finland is site built with Drupal 7,The site fetches data round the clock from the API provided by a Finnish Transport Agency and processes them, stores them and presents the same through a web interface.

It is one of those projects where efficiency of data processing takes the highest precedence and we are glad that we are able to build a site that process volumes of data with lease possible resources and time. We have leveraged a combination of batch API and cron queues to achieve this all through a Drupal-7 site.
Our Role:
KnackForge has built a new Drupal 7 powered site from the scratch and have built the necessary schema to handle the volumnous data. A custom module was built to do all the data processing, presentation & external API integration. We have also built an extensive administrative interface to enable admins be on top of what is being processed, when it is processed and what is being presented to end users.
Use of Technologies:


Kelikamerat - Weather Cameras