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Professional support for quiz

Quiz is one of the oldest and yet popular Drupal module. It has its own interesting history in Drupal bible. Our folk Sivaji has been co-maintaining quiz for more than 2 years. To keep up that spirit and for the healthy survival of the module, team KnackForge has decided to offer commercial support and development services pertaining to Quiz.

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Conception of Inception

Most of the modules in are maintained by volunteers by blocking time out of their free schedule. The same goes with Quiz module as well. Lately this module is making only a little progress, which is certainly not meeting the growing expectation of its users. A couple of years back there were firms like, Amendor, and even Google Inc (through Google Summer of code program) showed interest in supporting its development by funding and motivating their Developers to develop for quiz module. Now noticing the existing lag and what nourished the growth of quiz in the past, KnackForge has come up to storm the interest of its contributors as a part of its service. We believe this initiative will create mutual win-win situation to both the Drupal community and the end user.

Synopsis of Quiz Module's Features

Quiz module, packed with boundless features has always been the choice of e-learning, survey based sites. Takes long to phrase the entire features of this module, hence to provide a summary the following points are shared.

  • jQuery-based timer
  • Complete Views 2 Integration
  • Results Reporting
  • Questions can be reused in several quizzes
  • Drag and Drop sorting of questions
  • API to ease creation of new question types
  • Weighting of questions and answers
  • Randomization
  • Many feedback options

Apart from these features, the quiz module has loads of question types which can be used to conclude all your needs. The below mentioned are the various types of Question types in the quiz module

  • Multiple Choice
  • Drag and drop(with lines)
  • Scale
  • Question Direction
  • True or False
  • Matching
  • Short Answers
  • Long Answers
  • Cloze