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Train 'n Gain

Train 'n Gain, eLearning professionals

Train 'n Gain

eLearning professionals

Train 'n Gain is a family of E-learning sites developed using Drupal 7 and quiz module. In Drupal parlance, it is a multisite (single code base and separate database per site). These sites intend to offer sales and management classroom training courses. Leveraging more than 350 videos of real life, challenging sales situations. Each video delineates a different sales situation and is followed by a quiz question and feedback that augment classroom training courses. Contents available in English, German and Dutch. The whole setup is hosted on Amazon Web Services.

Our role

KnackForge team built this site from scratch that includes Drupal 7 theming, customization to quiz module, writing modules specific to project requirements and drupal development. We are also responsible for setting up server, configuring memcache, apache, MySQL, and other optimizations. We are also providing continuous support to the client since its inital launch.