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knackforge part-fm

Compare Auto Part Prices Before you Buy is a site that one could use primarily to search for Automobile Parts with advanced options to refine search by Make/ Model Fitment, Manufacturer, Category, and so on. 

The resulting parts can then be compared across top sellers for competitive pricing. The site also provide users with a coupon code that they could use to get additional discounts - helping people buy their automotive accessories at the cheapest possible prices. Some unique features of the site includes a way for people to search for parts by picking a region of the car, by an interactive rotating car.

Users who have already used parts could list their parts free of cost and get them sold through a network of tools available to them to export their parts via various channels like Craigslist, BackPages, and so on.

Using the “Host your Parts Website” feature, bulk sellers can setup their branded website, completely powered by the engine to list automotive parts & get their business running with very little efforts.

Our Role:

KnackForge is responsible for end-to-end technical implementation for the It includes the creation of the platform itself, from the scratch. We also extend support with maintaining the production servers, performance, ensuring availability, it’s backup and everything else required from a technical perspective.

We also provide continued support with further enhancements, addition of new features, bug fixes with an on-going support.

Development Period:

Knackforge has been engaged in this project since its inception roughly dated Aug 2011 to till date.

Use of Technologies:

  • Yii Framework, Javascript, CSS, HTML - Powers the Front-end
  • MySQL, SOLR - Powers the Back-end
  • Unix Shell Scripts  / Command-Line PHP Scripts - Efficiently imports & exports bulk data through partner channels. Also, serves for automatic backup of database/settings on a regular basis.
  • Amazon Elastic Beanstalk - Serves to Auto-Scale the production servers to handle a spike of high-traffic.
  • A Custom-Built, User-Configurable Yii Site - Users could configure the site with any template they want to, they could list auto-parts or add pages to the site, change SEO stuffs -- all without a single line of code / deployment. The website changes it’s view & contents based on the current web-domain being served.
  • Google Analytics - Apart from a standard typical Google Analytics implementation, Advanced implementation was done to get custom Business-Reporting done. Eg: Analysis of a part-view across channels like Oodle, Craigslist, in Search Results, etc.,