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Meet awesome professionals, alumni and others near you. is one of those unique websites with full of custom-built features. It allows users to meet similar users near-by through Business Lunches. LetsLunch provides users with a host of features ranging from searching for people with an advanced search filter to sending private messages or requesting lunches with interesting people.

The most interesting part is when users simply make the site know their availability for next 10 business days & the site would automagically setup lunch with a new person whom the user would be interested to have lunch with.

With Groups, LetsLunch allows mass interaction. One could setup group-lunches with a specific set of members or leave it to the site to invite right people for the lunch. There are a tons of upcoming features planned / being developed, that would very well make the site one of it’s kind in the days to come.

Our Role:

KnackForge is responsible for end-to-end technical implementation for, which includes the creation of the website itself, from the scratch. We also extend support with maintaining the production servers, it’s backup and everything else required from a technical perspective.

We also provide continued support with further enhancements, addition of new features, bug fixes with an on-going support.

Development Period:

KnackForge has been engaged in this project since its inception roughly dated from Aug 2011 to Jan 2015.

Use of Technologies:

  • Yii Framework, JavaScript, CSS, HTML - Powers the Front-end; It’s one of those sites best suited for Yii Framework development, with most things being unorthodox.
  • MySQL (Amazon RDS), Sphinx - Powers the Back-end
  • Custom-Built, Modules / Algorithms - Complex logic in matching right people for Lunches; Logic in predicting social reputation of a user - to provide tailor-made content suggestions to the user.
  • Git - A slew of features are tried out in parallel & effective utilization of Git version control enables us to individually test/deploy features as required.