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Vishnu Varthan
Senior software engineer /Project Lead

A precocious Web Engineer who brings out various combinations of connoisseur in Web Development. Vishnu, one of the Senior Developers in KnackForge mainly accounts for Developing and Designing Site using YII Framework. Vishnu at times plays cameo with Drupal Development.


His peregrination to KnackForge had him packed up with enormous knowledge in Drupal and Web Development. Vishnu's technical vigor has no confinements, he is well known in KnackForge for his Mobile Site Redirection and Custom Mobile Themes. Apart from that he has a very strong comprehension about CodeIgnitor framework.


Right from his study days he had the affinity to deal with tough codings and hands-on with ease. He knows no abstain as he has been a part of jQuery, CSS, PHP, Drupal, HTML and Web Parsing. According to Vishnu "I always want to do what i think i cannot in Web Development"