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Jojodae Ganesh Sivaji
Director Application Development

Sivaji is Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect - Associate Certified and a Zend certified PHP developer has been a key a person involved in technology transformation of our solutions which adapt to our business needs. He has over 10 years of experience in PHP and Drupal. Currently working on key projects which involve building enterprise application using Laravel and Angular.

He holds Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science Engineering. His passion revolves around web application development. He has been certified by Google for having successfully delivered a Drupal project in 2009. For Packt Publishing, he has been a technical reviewer of Drupal 7 Module Development and Drupal 7 Themes books.

At KnackForge his prime role is to develop and lead web projects but he also holds the accountability for Internal Quality Management & team building. Sivaji also heads the Learning & Development program. Sivaji is also one of the key co-founders of KnackForge Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd.