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Jeff Strout
President and CEO

Jeff Strout has over 3 decades of experience in establishing robust pillars of people, process and tools in Web application, AWS and networking. He is the leading light of KnackForge.

Jeff Strout is the CEO of KnackForge. He is an inspirational figure for its employees. People revered him due to the hard work and efforts he put to grow the company. He has vast experience in leading large enterprises and is using that experience along with sharp business acumen to lead KnackForge. Though based in Tyler, he spends a major portion of his time at client locations or at the Chennai office. His ‘client first’ approach is what the company strives for.

KnackForge's journey was started in 2011; after a couple of strategic acquisitions, they are now grown to a multinational company with offices in Tyler (Texas) and Chennai (India). Their headquarters is in Tyler, a small town in East Texas with a population of approx. 105,000 people. By serving clients across three continents, they cherish the values and hard work that has made this country great.