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KnackForge - Acquia's service partner in Chennai

No better start to 2012 could have been made, KnackForge takes immense pleasure in announcing its official partnership with Acquia. KnackForge is now the one among the few in southern India to hold this reputation. This feet reflects the firm growth that we had in the bygone time.  This glory has further embolden KnackForge  to continue its trailblazing work with Drupal. KnackForge is looking forward to explore more with Acquia partnership.

If you are reading this post you are probably aware of Acquia, the guide to Drupal's empowerment in enterprises with the open-source social publishing system. Co-founded by Drupal's creator in 2007. Acquia helps customers manage their growth and scale their online properties with confidence. Acquia's products, cloud infrastructure, and support enable companies to realize the full power of Drupal while minimizing risk, as it's done for nearly 1,500 enterprise customers including Twitter, PayPal, eBay, Intel, Stanford University, New York Senate and NPR.  Acquia has been known widely in the recent months for winning several awards and setting milestones beyond the limits.

The biggest advantage is that we will be able to deliver larger, more complex projects with the support of Acquia. Acquia provides the ongoing, SLA backed support which large companies and organisations often require in order to choose an open source technology such as Drupal. It also means we will be in regular contact with what is rapidly becoming one of the most innovative technology companies in the open source arena, giving us, and most importantly our customers, access to new technologies, products and services as soon as they become available. For more details please check out the profile page in Acquia's official site.