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The potency of Drupal Framework needs no expound in words, this vigor is also shared by the modules which Drupal calls as its pedestal. We at KnackForge as always trusts in partaking continuous redound to Drupal. In order to preserve the same, we have extended ourselves in providing momentous contributions to Drupal. All our modules plays an vital role in offering some great addon to many sites, the following are the list of modules which we have created and maintained actively.

Quiz Progress

A simple Drupal 6 module which uplifts the stint of displaying only one question at a time. The idea of this module can be compared along with the "Allow Jumping'' option in quiz module, but instead of displaying just one question and its order in quiz take, this module displays the list of all the questions in the Quiz in a separate block thus reducing the intrication in moving between questions in the Quiz.

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Quiz Questions Import

Another special addon to Quiz module. The main intend of this module was to import the Quiz questions across various sites (Local, Beta, Production) without the need of importing the Database dump This module is meant to import questions into Drupal site from a portable format like CSV, thus this reduces the ponderous effect in creating questions one by one.

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Quiz File Upload

KnackForge as always with its constructive mind has had notions to unfold Quiz module. One of such an attempt lead to the inception of Quiz File Upload module. This module adds a new content type in the Quiz module's quiz type thus providing the options to upload file as response to quiz questions. This module has served purpose in personality test, survey,  knowledge analysis based quizzes. Going forward this could be merged with long answer question type.

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User IP Log

A simple but still effective module that keeps a log of all the logged user's IP address. This module plays a key role in identifying the spam users and to keep them away from misusing the site. The main disparity between User IP Log and the other relevant modules is its integration ability with Views. This feature of integration has made User IP Log look distinct from the other so called Log Trackers. This module has been developed to support both the Drupal 7 and Drupal 6 release versions. With well-nigh 1900 downloads there exists no need to explain further about the efficacy about this module.

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An addon to quiz module which provides Fill in the Blanks type of questions. After the grand triumph with Quiz module, KnackForge reckoned the need to add a 'Fill up' based question. Instead of adding it to the quiz module, we took ample efforts to bring cloze module into what it is today. With almost rushing downloads every day, Cloze has been ranked in the same success cadre as like the Quiz. 

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One of the most famed module in Drupal with almost 69000 downloads is being co-maintained by KnackForge. The Quiz module provides tool for authoring and administering quizzes through Drupal. With nearly 8 types of quiz question and 10+ features, Quiz module can be considered as the best in the business under the learning/ rating based modules in Drupal. 

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