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login with email
Email only, Register

Drupal - email only login

You will sometime want to restrict user to register/login using only their email addresses not username. If you…
quiz porting
Quiz, Drupal 8, Contributions, Drupal planet

Porting Quiz module for Drupal 8

It would be more than surprising to know if any Drupal developer hasn't had interest to get his hand dirty with…
wysiwyg editor
WYSIWYG, Drupal Module, Drupal 7, Drupal planet, hook_wysiwyg_editor_settings_alter

Alter WYSIWYG's form height

Once the installation of a Drupal instance is done, I guess almost 90% of the developers would first download "…
program to creating QuickTab
Drupal 6, Drupal 7, Quicktab

Drupal - programmatically creating QuickTab using custom code

QuizTabs  module is a very nice addition to bunch of drupal modules. This module allows you to create blocks of…
array in single foreach loop
PHP, Drupal 7, Drupal Module

Iterate 2 arrays in a single foreach loop

The topic looks so simple isn't it? It looked simple to me when I ran into such a kind of need. The first and…
validation in yii
Yii, AJAX, form

Yii - How to enable Ajax form validation

Form validation ensures that each and every field in the form has been filled in the required way. No further…
style tables with paging sorting and filter
Drupal 7, hook_menu, Pager

Drupal 7 - Creating Drupal style tables with paging, sorting and filter.

Recently I came across a requirement where I went through all the features in Drupal HTML tables. At times I was…
Drupal 7, Form API, Drupal planet

Drupal 7 Form API - Using #states on #markup field

An essential feature of a dynamic site would be to let its users add some contents to it. Often this is done using…
Quiz Questions Import
Quiz, Import/export, Quiz questions import, Feeds, Drupal planet, Contributions

Quiz Questions Import for Drupal 7 released

This is a follow up of earlier blog post How import / export quiz questions to Drupal. As mentioned earlier Quiz…
add new column
Drupal 7, Drupal Module, hook_update_N(), Schema, Drupal planet

Best way to add new columns to custom table

Often times it is needed to create module specific custom tables to store persistent data. Drupal offers a set of…
Drush, Drupal planet, Multisite

Using Drush to administer multisite

One of the admiring features about Drupal is its ability to leverage single code base to power a stack of sites.…
number of posts per page
Drupal 7, Blog, Drupal planet

Changing the number of blog posts to show in blog page

Every small finding is worth sharing. This blog post is no except for this fact. Drupal ships with a module for…