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Hide and override drupal status messages
Drupal 7, Status message, drupal_get_messages, drupal_set_message, Drupal planet

Hide and override drupal status messages

      This blog describes how to hide and override drupal status messages while creating and editing nodes…
Create new node
Drupal 7, Drupal planet

Programmatically create a node in drupal 7

Steps for programmatically creating node in drupal7, 1. Create a new node object. 2. Save the object using the…
CSV files in PHP
Drupal 7, CSV, Drupal planet

Creating downloadable CSV files in PHP

This blog explains, how to create a CSV file using PHP and how to download the file instead of displaying it.…
Caching in Drupal
cache, APC, Drupal 7, Drupal Module, Drupal, Drupal planet

Caching in Drupal

Drupal comprises several layers of execution and it obviously consumes pretty much time to render content from…
AWS S3, Amazon, Drupal planet

Amazon S3 module in drupal

The AmazonS3 module allows the drupal local file system to be replaced with S3, where the files can be uploaded or…
view exposed filters
Drupal 7, Views, Drupal planet

Drupal Views exposed filter as Links

In Drupal views, we have the option of exposing the filters to users. By default, the exposed filters are…
Ajax Autocomplete
ajax cache, autocomplete, Drupal planet

Ajax Autocomplete Customization for Textfield in Drupal

Autocomplete is a feature for textfields in Drupal. It provides a dropdown list of matching options from the…
picture deleted automatically
Drupal 7, user picture, profile picture, picture removed, Drupal planet

Drupal user picture deleted automatically

Sometimes you could be in a fury when user picture gets deleted automatically with nothing being noticed as…
menu tabs and menu items
Navbar, Toolbar, Drupal 7, Drupal planet

Adding custom menu tabs and menu items to navbar

Mobile Friendly Navigation Toolbar, shortly known as navbar, is a back-port of toolbar in Drupal 8. The problem it…
Clearing textfield in drupal
Drupal 7, Form API, HTML5, Drupal planet

Adding a clear button to Drupal form API text field

We wanted to have a quick clear button for any text field (similar to address bar of browsers in mobile and tablet…
Display form data
Drupal 7, Webform, Views, Drupal planet

Displaying Webform submission data in Drupal Views

Although Webform module comes with limited integration to expose the submitted data in Views, it lacks the fine…
manifest cache
HTML5, Drupal, template, preprocess, cache

Cache manifest in drupal

This blog gives you an understanding about cache manifest in Drupal. Cache manifest is used to cache pages in…