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Redirecting the site using the htaccess

Redirecting the site using the htaccess

You can redirect your website to another by using RewriteRule in .htaccess. For example: If your website URL is…
Drupal 8
Drupal planet, Contributions

Chennai Drupal hosting a Drupal 8 Training on Global Drupal Training Day - 9th…

Drupal Global Training Days is an effort by Drupal Association to take Drupal, the digital experience platform to…
Cache disable
Drupal 8, Drupal planet, cache

Disable Drupal 8 cache during development

We know Drupal 8 has a heavy caching mechanism, so we need to clear cache for changes made in twig file or some…
Drupal 8
Drupal 8, Drupal planet

How to manually update Drupal 8 core?

Let's see how to update your Drupal site between 8.x.x minor and patch versions. For example, from 8.1.2 to 8.1.3…
Format date/time
Drupal 8, Drupal planet

Formatting the way the date/time is displayed in Drupal 8

You can create a new date/time format by navigating to Admin -> Configuration -> Regional and Language -…
Drupal 8 catching
Drupal 8, Drupal planet, Block, cache

Drupal 8 block caching

The approach to custom block caching is different in Drupal 8 from Drupal 7. In Drupal 8, all renderable arrays…
PSD file size
Design, Photoshop

5 Simple tricks to reduce Photoshop(PSD) File Size

When you try to share the PSD files with a client or prepare them for sale on a site like Creativemarket, then the…
Design, Photoshop

Easy way to add Google web fonts to Photoshop

Google Fonts is an absolutely awesome collection of web fonts that you may use in your HTML web pages without any…
update drupal field
Drupal 7, Drupal planet, Field

Drupal 7 - How to programatically update field value

In general, we can use node_save to save a new node or alter the existing node and then save the changes. Since…
Photoshop, Design

How to use Font awesome icons in Adobe Photoshop

Font Awesome is a popular font icon package used by web designers and developers. The old-fashioned technique to…
Download office files
Drupal planet, Drupal 7, htaccess

How to get Microsoft office files downloaded properly through Drupal

I recently came across a situation where the .ppsx files were displayed as some weird characters instead of…
Multi-level menu
Menu, Twitter Bootstrap, Drupal planet

Create Multi-level Bootstrap menu in Drupal 8

Bootstrap has recently removed the sub-menu features from version 3.x, so it won’t support the multi-level menu…