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Setup Authcache in Drupal
Drupal planet, Authcache, cache

Important Things to Setup Authcache in Drupal

We need some kind of Caching system to deliver quickly the pages, it will help to improve the site performance and…
Apache RewriteMap with MySQL
Apache, MySQL, RewriteMap

Apache RewriteMap with MySQL

Apache rewritemap is a wonderful addon for Apache that can directly connect to a datastore and pull data…
Drupal Training

KnackForge's Drupal Global training experience

Sep 2016 the month of Drupal Global training was cheerful to KnackForge. We have had the joy of conducting two…
knackforge blog knowledge base
Form API, Drupal planet

Drupal form's #tree option

There may be a need to name the form elements in an array structure how the form is built. You can see this in…
knackforge blog knowledge base
Debian, Linux Server

How to install and configure Zabbix 3 on Debian 8 (Jessie)

Zabbix is an enterprise open source monitoring software for networks and applications. It is designed to monitor…
knackforge blog knowledge base
Drupal planet, Drupal 7,, drupal-commerce

Drupal Commerce - PayPal payment was successful but order not completed

Most of us use PayPal as a payment gateway for our eCommerce sites. Zero upfront, No maintenance fee, API…
knackforge blog knowledge base
Drupal 8, Drupal planet

How to create Queue worker in Drupal 8

The queue API allows placing items in a queue and processing them later. If you have a task that must be done…
knackforge blog knowledge base
Drupal 6, Form API, Drupal planet

Regenerate a missing form #token

It may be a weird case for having to regenerate $form['#token'] and $form['form_token'] in Drupal form API…
Restoring Removed Files Linux TestDisk
Linux Server, TestDisk, rm -rf, Ubuntu

Restoring removed files (rm -rf) in Linux with TestDisk

There are odd times where we would have accidentally deleted some important folders without having any actual…
Apache Solr Search
Drupal 7, Drupal planet, Apache Solr

How to make Apache solr search programmatically from Drupal 7

Recently I came across a situation where I needed to make Apache solr search from drupal programmatically.…
Tripwire detecting intrusions
Linux Server, Security, Debian, Ubuntu

How we managed to use Tripwire for detecting intrusions

We all should be aware that security is very important for our servers. Having informed about the changes to…
SOLR 5 reading at lightning speed
solr 5, solr read index, solr java, lucene, solr cloud

SOLR 5 reading indexed data at a lightning speed

This blog is about reading SOLR data by directly accessing the Lucene index folder, if you are looking for normal…