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sql dump and sync
Drush, Drupal, Drupal planet

Drush sql-dump and sql-sync - skip specific tables

At KnackForge we use Drush more often as a part of Drupal development projects. As Drupal developers, we…
Mandrill, Newsletter, Simplenews, Drupal planet

How we managed to send 75k emails per hour

Ardent team at KnackForge always love to get hands dirty with challenging projects. In this connection we recently…
Mavericks remote concurrency
Mac, Linux, Screen Share

OS X Mavericks concurrent remote user access from Linux

Goal: To do concurrent remote desktop access on a single OS X machine from multiple Linux/Windows desktops in a…
drupal themeing
Drupal 7, Simplenews, Newsletter, CKEditor, WYSIWYG, Drupal planet

Leveraging CKeditor template to theme Drupal contents

WYSIWYG (a.k.a HTML Editor) has become a De facto for quickly formatting and publishing contents from dynamic site…
separate page.tpl.php per content type
page.tpl.php, template, Drupal 7, Drupal planet

Creating separate page.tpl.php per content type

Page.tpl.php: Template file to display a page's output in Drupal This file contains a combination of php and…
onfirmation emails from simplenews
Drupal 7, Newsletter, Simplenews, Drupal planet

Make confirmation emails from simplenews obey newsletter settings

Simplenews is one of the solid Newsletter management modules for Drupal. It allows a Drupal site to have multiple…
ISAM for custom table
MySQL, Drupal planet, Custom table, Schema

Using MyISAM engine for custom tables in Drupal 7

Drupal 7 uses InnoDB as default MySQL engine for all tables in database. Innodb is a better option for processing…
Custom drush command
Drupal 6, Drupal 7, Drush, Drupal planet

Creating a custom drush command

No Drupal Developer needs introduction about Drush. The power and features of Drush has made the job easier for…
amazon elastic search
Amazon, Load Balancer, GoDaddy

AWS Elastic load balancer with GoDaddy SSL

This is a step by step procedure on how to install Godaddy SSL certificate on AWS Elastic loadbalancer.…
Translatable strings
JavaScript, Translation, t(), format_plural()

Translatable strings in Drupal JavaScript

Drupal is known for being highly translatable. The localization team has done a fantastic job building out tools…
bootstrap  form tabs
Drupal 7, Form API, Horizontal Tabs, Vertical tabs, Drupal planet

Creating horizontal form tabs in Drupal 7

Creating Vertical tabs in Drupal 7 forms is an easy task, but to accommodate the design needs we at times have to…
drupal login
Drush, Security, Drupal planet

How to login as any user in Drupal site?

It is no surprise that production sites at times may work differently from dev / stage due to various factors. And…