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Config for solr search
solr, Spatial search, Drupal planet, Apache Solr

Configure SOLR for Spatial Search Setup

One of our projects requires the spatial search to find the closest records for given address OR zipcodes. So we…
File update
Drupal 7, File API, Drupal planet

Drupal - Updating File name

If you know the file id, it is really simple,Code: $file = file_load($fid); file_move($file, 'public://…
Create new node
Drupal 7, Drupal planet

Programmatically create a node in drupal 7

Steps for programmatically creating node in drupal7, 1. Create a new node object. 2. Save the object using the…
CSV files in PHP
Drupal 7, CSV, Drupal planet

Creating downloadable CSV files in PHP

This blog explains, how to create a CSV file using PHP and how to download the file instead of displaying it.…
amazon elastic search
Amazon, Load Balancer, GoDaddy

AWS Elastic load balancer with GoDaddy SSL

This is a step by step procedure on how to install Godaddy SSL certificate on AWS Elastic loadbalancer.…
validation in yii
Yii, AJAX, form

Yii - How to enable Ajax form validation

Form validation ensures that each and every field in the form has been filled in the required way. No further…