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knackforge blog knowledge base
Form API, Drupal planet

Drupal form's #tree option

There may be a need to name the form elements in an array structure how the form is built. You can see this in…
knackforge blog knowledge base
Drupal 6, Form API, Drupal planet

Regenerate a missing form #token

It may be a weird case for having to regenerate $form['#token'] and $form['form_token'] in Drupal form API…
Mavericks remote concurrency
Mac, Linux, Screen Share

OS X Mavericks concurrent remote user access from Linux

Goal: To do concurrent remote desktop access on a single OS X machine from multiple Linux/Windows desktops in a…
setup aptana
IDE, Drupal

Setting up Aptana Studio 3 (IDE) for Drupal Development

Aptana Studio is a complete package for an open source Web Developer that works out of the box for the most. From…
setup Mailman mailing list
Email, Linux Server

Quickly setup Mailman mailing list with Exim 4 for a subdomain

Goal: to setup mailing lists - Resources Required / Assumptions: An ubuntu/…
AWS, AutoScaling, Linux Server, Cloud Hosting

Manual AWS Autoscaling without Elastic Beanstalk

Gone are the days to run an over-configured hardware in anticipation that our websites would receive a huge…
adding navigation icons
Drupal, Galleria, Drupal Module, jQuery

Adding next and previous images to either sides of Galleria slideshow &…

JQuery has made our lives easier with it's vast plugin repository (so is Drupal). The popular jQuery plugins makes…
Google Apps to Windows Live Domains
Email, Google Apps, Live Domains

Migrating from Google Apps to Windows Live Domains

It's been a month since we had a smooth transition from Google Apps to Windows Live Domains for our email/app…

Declaring Case Sensitive MySQL text field

Simply add "CHARACTER SET binary" after the text field type declaration. Examples: 1) case insensitive:…