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quiz porting

Porting Quiz module for Drupal 8

It would be more than surprising to know if any Drupal developer hasn't had interest to get his hand dirty with Drupal 8 yet! It is quite known that Drupal embraces new notion in every major releases, the same excitement goes with Drupal 8 as well. To name a few better configuration management, RESTful Web Services (based on Symfony), Twig framework for theming, HTML 5, Views in core, and Mobile friendly are some the major features introduced in Drupal 8. To know more about its development cycle and current state, check out

Following the announcement of 'Polish Phase' of Drupal 8 core this July, the need for porting contrib module to Drupal 8 has been vastly realized. Already 200+ modules have been ported (or being ported) as of writing this post. Also documentations and developer utility modules are being made available to favor the porting of further contrib modules.

KnackForge being one of the maintainers of Quiz module, been in receipt of inquiries and interest to sponsor for its development towards Drupal 8. To take up these requests forward we have put-forth a strategy to commence it's development.

One of the undisclosed client of ours has already contributed $500 for the same. KnackForge the believer of Free & Open source ideology has come forward to sponsor another $500 to it. A potential Drupal developer of KnackForge has been engaged with that funds to port Drupal 7 version as-is to Drupal 8 for a duration of one month. For on-going development thereafter we are raising funds from community. Below you can find the PitchIn widget to be a part of this cause. Your interest for contribution means a lot to us than proportion.

The eminence of Quiz module needs no further expounding as it has already made 80,000 downloads (as of writing). To fullfill the level expectations and meet the range of requirements related to the Quiz module, KnackForge has taken the first step in releasing the Drupal 8 version of Quiz module. This trailblazing effect shows our involvement and passion towards the development of Drupal and our services. With the Drupal 8 version of Quiz, we have lifted the barriers from many users to upgrading their site in near future to Drupal 8.

"The power of Drupal lies on its Contrib module", to leverage the power of Drupal 8 KnackForge's initial appraise to make Drupal 8 version of quiz module is about $5000. KnackForge being a pioneer invested a team of well expertised developers to develop and test the Drupal 8 version going forward. The code for same can be found at our project management system, KnackHub. You are welcomed always to fund this work to take the Drupal 8 version of Quiz module.