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Drop themes announcement

Pleased to announce the launch of

We are happy to announce the launch of, an online marketplace where Drupal themes can be sold by anyone and everyone; Drupal Themers can sign up, upload and sell their own themes! Our platform will enable both site builders and Themers take a step closer towards their wants and needs. is a perfect stage for designers to showcase their talent and skills. Each and every theme is scrutinized and reviewed up till the very edge by our moderators and ensure the best congruency with Drupal framework.

This special platform was designed specifically for Drupal theming artisans and site builders.

As is specifically for Drupal themes, anybody seriously looking for Drupal site building will find this website very useful. All themes are Drupal compatible reviewed by our moderators who are Drupal adroits. Each and every theme has a snapshot collection and a demo site that comes attached. A preview is also available before purchase.

DropThemes can be used both as a buyer and as a seller of Drupal Themes.


1: Create Drupal Theme

DropThemes is an apt platform for those who are passionate about web designing and Drupal. Create your own theme where it complies with the Drupal coding standards and practices. Snapshots, demo sites and a description of your theme is a must.

2: Review

Create an account after signing up with us. Log in and upload your theme by filling up the web form. All options to describe your theme are available. Fill these up and an email confirmation will be sent upon the receipt of your theme being successful.

3: Sale

Once we receive your theme, our moderators will thoroughly check your theme. This will take about 48 hours. If any changes, you will be contacted. The ideal price and other details will be suggested by our experts. After review and publication you will receive an email. You are also allowed to promote your themes on social networking sites.

4: Earn

As soon as a purchase takes place, your wallet will receive the funds after a 24% DropThemes commission has been deducted. For every purchase an email notification will be sent to you. After reaching a threshold of 100$, the funds will be credited to your bank account or your paypal account. It is advised to keep your payment settings up to date to avoid any confusion. Free themes can also be posted, if they are available for free to the buyers.


1: Browse Themes

Themes can be browsed from our Gallery page. You can also filter these themes using a drupal compatible version according to category, type of layout and so on. Wishlists are available for registered users.

2: Preview

Each theme contains various informations' like layout type, category, tags, and much more. Snapshots are also available to give you a feel of how it will look like. A demo site option is also available to make things easier. Theme ratings and reviews can be done in the website too.

3: Purchase and Download

After you have carefully selected a Theme you are then required to select a license type. Add the theme to your cart. It is important that you have read about the terms of use and various licenses involved. Select your mode of payment. Both CCavenue and Paypal gateway is available. Check out and proceed towards payment.

4: Start using your Theme

After successful payment, you will receive an e mail confirmation along with a link which will direct you to download your purchased theme. The order history will be available in the “My Accounts” Page. After the theme is purchased, a demosite setup will be given.

Special Features:

  • Ideal platform for Drupal compatible themes
  • Avail access to plenty of rich and qualified themes for Drupal 7 and 8
  • Preview and demo sites available for each and every theme
  • Easy for themers to upload and start selling
  • Easy purchase and download of themes for site builders 

Do you find our service interesting? Check out to explore more!! We would be happy to have your acquaintance.

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