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"Mark the Words" module for Drupal Quiz

KnackForge's contribution to Quiz module is already eminent with Cloze module, Quiz Question Import and maintenance of thereof. To add another feather in our cap, we take pleasure in announcing the kick start contribution of Mark the Words module. The module's project page in is at URL This was done for one of our potential clients.

Use case

This module was developed essentially to learn and evaluate the understanding of Part of speech, a sub topic of Grammar which is common in most of the languages.

For instance, let's take the English phrase below,

Jack and Jill went up the hill

If you would like your student to identify the nouns or verbs in the above phrase, it is possible to do in the form of quiz.

The author at the time of creating question needs to enter the phrase, mark the type of the word to identity (i.e. noun, verb, etc.) and the right words for given context. The type of speech to identify is customizable (and have been done using taxonomy. Terms shall be added, edited and deleted as needed which would be the type of speech to mark). Currently limited to one per question.

At the time of taking quiz, the attendee would be offered with the phrase and type of speech to identify from the same. With a click of word the response would be saved and will be matched against the right answer fed by author at the time of creating question. Also score will be calculated automatically and feedback (comparing the right answer and user answer) will be offered after answering.

Logically this is an advancement to Cloze module, "Mark the Words" tests the knowledge level of the quiz taker in any domain, not limited to Grammar. Consider a question where the quiz taker must select the proprietary software from this list.,

Drupal, Joomla, Java, Phython, Django, Oracle

The quiz taker can simply click on Java and Oracle to mark his/her answer, No typing nor any drop down selection!

A few snapshots from Mark the word question for illustration,

Question create screen


Answering screen


Feedback and Score

Scores are calculated based on the total correct answer to that of the total wrong answer, thus providing the concept of negative scoring by inbuilt. By default the maximum score is 10. The report page has the quiz taker's answer concurrent with the correct answer,

The final report page for the "Mark the Word" would look as below.,


We are excited to extend this module further based on the feedback and interest of it's users.