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How import / export quiz questions to Drupal

I have been asked this question several times so I thought it is better to write a blog in this subject. 

If you are running a quiz / online exam related site powered by Quiz module, it is likely that you will have a pool of questions and you might want to import that into Drupal or move those questions from one Drupal site to another. We have done this several times as a part of our projects. The solution depends on specific use case.

Assume you have questions in XLS/CSV format or you think it is affordable to create questions in these formats and then to import the same to Drupal. For this case Quiz Questions Import module is the way to go. Though this module is minimal in feature now, it does the job as expected. There is a proposal and discussions going on with our clients to rearchitect this module to work on top Feeds module. We believe this would help us to come out with a more robust and extendable module for questions import. Keep in touch with us if you are interested in doing inline to this.

Another case, if you have questions already created in one Drupal site and want to move the same to another site of same version then Node Export is an handy module to get your work done. Quiz module leverages the advantage of node in Drupal. Question is node of specific type (multichoice, truefalse, etc.,). This makes it possible to seem less export and import questions from one site to another. Besides there are modules like Node clone and Add another -- which helps to create a variant of existing question with least effort.

Hope this will help and address the clarification needed for common use cases.


Brian (not verified)

Mon, 05/06/2013 - 12:12

Will Quiz EI be ported to Drupal 7?
I like the idea to create a feeds importer for quiz questions. You could use features to export it as a module to bundle with quiz or post on d.o. With each question type being a content type, you would either have to create a different importer for each question type, or create one importer that has only the common fields(title, question) and requires feeds_node_helper to map to each content type.

Regarding Quiz EI, it depends on the interest of module maintainer, falcon. I'm not sure if I have commit/release access to that project.To be robust import module Feeds is the way to go forward. We have made a simple questions import module for our previous client, now we are in discussion with another client to re-architecture the same to make it more reliable by leverage the advantages of Feeds module.