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Drupal workshop at Jaya Engineering College

We Drupal Chennai, happened to meet on 19th Nov 2011 at Unimity solutions to talk about our love for Drupal. It was then arbitrated to take efforts to profuse Drupal in local colleges by taking the support of student volunteers and IEEE. In further to this consensus, we contacted Kumaran sir of Jaya Engineering College to start an official initiative. We were kindled by his momentum. Within a span of a week he managed to get the approval from college authorities. Understanding the essence of the workshop he arranged a well equipped lab with 40+ computers configured with LAMP stack. 


On the volunteers part, as expected Mrs. Shyamala took the lead for conducting this workshop, a Google spreadsheet was put up to arrive a conclusion at topics and volunteers. Along the way Mrs. Mandakini Kumari from Ayushi Infotech joined the effort to promote and bring this initial spark to a great deal. The list of proffers at last was witnessed with a huge hike, which in turn indicated the reach of this workshop even before it has started.


3rd Dec 2011, the most awaited day for many Drupal lovers finally had an awesome start. The official volunteers was tagged with a few big guns in Drupal community.  Though Mrs. Shymala missed out this workshop, the remaining proffers indulged themselves to their best. The eminence about Drupal among the students was a big surprise for the crew. But a few alumnus found that as casual knowing the coalition between Drupal and Jaya Engineering college students.


The sessions were purely based on the practical implementation together with theoretical explanation. The introduction session was accomplished by Mrs. Mandakini Kumari. The real core of the workshop began when the Hands-on started, apparently the installation of Drupal. This session was jointly taken by Mr.Sivaji, Mrs. Mandakini Kumari and a few other volunteers. The bunch of volunteers had no work to play on their part as the students found themselves so eased to get started with Drupal. Each and every trick in this initial set up was explained with master class. The workshop further routed with many Drupal hallmark modules like Webform, Views, Features and so on.


The reception of this workshop from the students surpassed our expectation. The hunger among the students of much more in Drupal was noticed. The workshop finally had its wrapper as many students had their entry to Drupal community world. Needless to mention, representatives from college showed their full support and hospitality was awesome. My sincere thanks to volunteers Shyamala, Mandakini, Karthick, Sabareesh, Nagaraj, Satish and Babu Aravind for making this happen. Looking forward to conduct more Drupal workshop and to spread the love of Drupal !!


A few photos shot at workshop are below,