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Drupal 8 Release Party in Chennai

Drupal 8, a collective work of 3.3k contributors from 90+ countries, after more than a couple of years of development with more than 200 new features and improvements finally reaching a milestone and limelight. Tentatively 1232 companies have supported its development.

For Drupal specialized companies like KnackForge this is a momentous occasion. We are feeling excited about the release of Drupal 8. KnackForge is proud to join hands with Drupal Chennai Group and other Drupal shops in Chennai along with other Drupal groups around the world in hosting a release party on Thursday, November 19th, 2015!

We celebrate the party in honor to appreciate the great efforts of thousands of contributors all over the world! Let’s do it together!

Drupal 8 release party

Please sign up at Event posted on Grab your Drupal 8 T-shirt for free. Limited offer only, please RSVP sooner.

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