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Drupal 8

Chennai Drupal hosting a Drupal 8 Training on Global Drupal Training Day - 9th April 2016 at IIT

Drupal Global Training Days is an effort by Drupal Association to take Drupal, the digital experience platform to more users. Chennai Drupal Community stands to cater a full day Drupal 8 hands-on training on 9th April at IIT Chennai. See the list of proposed sessions below,


Starting time





9:00 AM

15 minutes



Site Building

9:15 AM

30 minutes




9:45 AM

15 minutes



Live migration of Drupal7 to Drupal8

10:00 AM

2 hours 45 minutes

Hands On

Vannia & Sivaji


12:45 PM

45 minutes



Drupal Theming

1:30 AM

3 hours 30 minutes

Hands On



5:00 PM

15 minutes



Introduction to Big Pipe

5:15 PM

1 hour



Mobile applications with Headless Drupal

6:15 PM

1 hour




For registering, send a mail to gourab.mojumder at or call at +91 9962 068 016. For more details check Drupal Training in Chennai on Global Drupal Training Day - 9th April 2016! 

Team KnackForge would be conducting a hands-on session on Migration to Drupal 8. As a part of the same Vannia would be excited to share our insights and experiences on migrating to Drupal 8. The adventure of taking Drupal 8 version of live at the end of Drupal 8 release party.

In the past couple of years, Chennai Drupal has hosted many Free Drupal 7 training on various college premises in and around Chennai. We have been appreciated by students and college organizers for passionately teaching the software we love to young minds. However this is the first time, we are conducting low-cost training targeted at Drupal professional. The entry fee is meant to meet the operation cost. Thanks to Shyamala for the push to make this happen. We believe this training will be instrumental to please the quest for Drupal 8 learning to its attendees. We look forward to active participation from Drupalers in and around Chennai.