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AWS, CDN, AmazonCloudFront, WOFF, Drupal 7

Font Awesome Woff2 failing to load from Amazon CloudFront

Prenote: Amazon CloudFront is a content delivery network (CDN) offered by Amazon Web Services. Content delivery…
knackforge blog knowledge base
Amazon Web Services, Security, Linux Server, Amazon Linux AMI

How to apply only security updates in Amazon Linux AMI

Prenote: The Amazon Linux AMI is a Linux image provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for use on Amazon EC2. It…
Drupal Training

KnackForge's Drupal Global training experience

Sep 2016 the month of Drupal Global training was cheerful to KnackForge. We have had the joy of conducting two…
knackforge blog knowledge base
Drupal planet, Drupal 7,, drupal-commerce

Drupal Commerce - PayPal payment was successful but order not completed

Most of us use PayPal as a payment gateway for our eCommerce sites. Zero upfront, No maintenance fee, API…
KnackForge is getting bigger

KnackForge is getting bigger!!

We are pleased to inform you that we like to try and extend the boundaries of our work, we have also extended the…
Drupal 8
Drupal planet, Contributions

Chennai Drupal hosting a Drupal 8 Training on Global Drupal Training Day - 9th…

Drupal Global Training Days is an effort by Drupal Association to take Drupal, the digital experience platform to…
Kickstart dropthemes
Drupal planet, Theme kickstart offer!

We are amazed, it’s just 50 days from our kickstart, has been a leading site for buying and selling…
Drop themes announcement
Drupal planet, Theme

Pleased to announce the launch of

We are happy to announce the launch of, an online marketplace where Drupal themes can be sold by…
knackforge blog knowledge base
Apache, SEO

Apache redirect IP requests to domain name

At times Apache is configured to serve a site through IP address as well. For a production site with proper domain…
Drupal 8
Drupal 8, Drupal planet

Drupal 8 Accelerate

  Drupal 8 Accelerate is a grant program designed to eliminate Drupal 8 release blockers. Through the program,…
Apache server
Apache, Drupal, Drupal planet

Mitigating Apache Internal Dummy Connection issue

This is one of the bothering issues we had lately in our project. I'm summarizing the list of causes and possible…
menu tabs and menu items
Navbar, Toolbar, Drupal 7, Drupal planet

Adding custom menu tabs and menu items to navbar

Mobile Friendly Navigation Toolbar, shortly known as navbar, is a back-port of toolbar in Drupal 8. The problem it…