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Creating editable table
Drupal, fapi, form, editable

Drupal 7 - Creating editable table with Form API

Introduction: Lets think that we have a custom table to show list of records. Sometimes you might have to provide…
pseudo field in view
Drupal 7, Views, exposing field, Custom table, virtual

Drupal 7 - Exposing pseudo field in view from custom table

Introduction: At KnackForge we often see requirement to expose custom fields to views for better integration with…
Drupal 7 and SOLR
Drupal, solr, autocomplete, suggestion

Drupal 7 and SOLR - autocompleting full node title

KnackForge has done a lot customizations on Drupal and SOLR integration. Earlier I wrote about Drupal-7-filtering-…
Drupal 7 SOLR
Drupal 7, Apache Solr, Drupal planet

Drupal 7 filtering SOLR results

Search plays a crucial role in content driven websites. Drupal and the Open source enterprise search platform Solr…
ross browser extension using Kango
Kango, cross browser, extension, Toolbar

Writing cross browser extension using Kango framework

I was embroiled when I first decided to write a cross browser extension. Investigation revealed crossrider and…
views alter
Drupal 7, Views, preprocess, Drupal planet

Altering views table output

Views module provides an easy way to render data from the Drupal database. It is often needed to use table output…
Apache Solr, Apache Mahout, Classifier

Integrating Solr and Mahout classifier

Introduction: Solr has been a revolution in search world with its major implementations. Mahout is an exciting…
AWS, AWS S3, PHP, script

Uploading files to Amazon S3 using PHP

At KnackForge we offer hosting services to most of the sites and applications we develop. Being a small team we…