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Joyride tour in older versions of jQuery

Joyride, the nice guide/tour library based on jQuery, does not work in older version of jQuery (like 1.3 or 1.4). We had a Drupal 6 project, where we wanted it. Our Drupal 6 site used jQuery 1.3 version.  We tweaked the joyride code to make it work in jQuery 1.3. Basically,1. We included a function that is not a part of 1.3 version (isEmptyObject) 2. Older versions of jquery seems to differ in the way constructor context are being utlized. Hence we had to find the correct next li item using a bit of code,

  1. var index = settings.$tip_content.index(settings.$li);

You can download the modified Joyride code from here. We hope this helps someone in need :)

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