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Breadcrumbs with Hansel module - 1 : Introduction

The term breadcrumbs technically needs no foreword, as we all are well aware of it. Breadcrumbs provide links back to each previous page the user navigated through to get to the current page. Drupal too has many modules to accomplish the navigation. Custom breadcrumbs, one of the most popular navigation module in Drupal being preferred over others to accomplish the breadcrumbs.

But we can give no exclusion to our worst case situation, as the one I met with. The thing I was supposed to do was to use Hansel module in place of Custom Breadcrumbs module to achieve the proper navigation. I know each and every breadcrumbs was in position as expected with the custom Breadcrumbs module. I was in aback to know that I should change things and bring the same with Hansel module. What I wanted was a valid reason for this swap of module! Off course I got not one but many.

The Custom Breadcrumbs cannot be used in all the cases, it is mainly used in cases where you can generate navigation for the node types. There will exist a case where we need to bring things out of box. Might be a taxonomy referenced node, in this case the custom breadcrumbs faces a step back to do things. Or may be a situation where we need to generate navigation based on the URL, again the custom breadcrumbs bites the dust.

I started to work with Hansel with no acquaintance. The Hansel module is no near to Friendliness. As a matter of fact it was one of the most stern module that i have ever used in my Drupal career! But still the sternness and the level of complexity proves that it has the ability to do even impossible in navigation accomplishment.

The Hansel module by default, has no configuration to set up. It was just a permission about the rights. It is always better to enable the entire package under the Hansel module, which includes Hansel, Hansel Domain, Hansel Export, Hansel Forum, Hansel OG, Hansel Taxonomy, Hansel UI.

The hard works starts in the configuration page. The Hansel's configuration resides under the Search and Meta data section of Drupal configuration. By Default we have nothing to deal with but a screen with options.