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Drupal planet, Embed, Menu

Embed Html Page with Menu Display handler in Node

Recently I have done some interesting task in my project, my client wants to embed html page into drupal node. So…
Setup Authcache in Drupal
Drupal planet, Authcache, cache

Important Things to Setup Authcache in Drupal

We need some kind of Caching system to deliver quickly the pages, it will help to improve the site performance and…
Drupal Single Page Site
Drupal planet, Theme

Create single page site in drupal 8 within 15 minutes

We all know that the Drupal setup and installation are easy, and one-click installation is also available in most…
Multi-level menu
Menu, Twitter Bootstrap, Drupal planet

Create Multi-level Bootstrap menu in Drupal 8

Bootstrap has recently removed the sub-menu features from version 3.x, so it won’t support the multi-level menu…
Dynamic form fields
Drupal 7, Drupal planet, Form API

Create Dynamic Form Fields in Drupal 7

Drupal's Form API helps developers to build complex, extensible forms with minimal code and also gives the option…
menu icons
Drupal, Drupal planet, Drupal menu

Drupal : Add an icon to the menu links

We all like decorated items than normal ones. Everyone like to add icon/image to their site's menu links but we…
Clean drupal modules folder
Drupal Module, Cleanup, Drupal planet

Cleanup of Drupal modules folders

Keeping your drupal modules folder very clear is important part of development. This is the common structure :…