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Easy way to add Google web fonts to Photoshop

Google Fonts is an absolutely awesome collection of web fonts that you may use in your HTML web pages without any restrictions.

These fonts not only look more beautiful than the common typefaces like Arial and Verdana, but they are more readable as well since the fonts have been designed specifically for the web. Also, all Google web fonts are offered under the Open Font License, meaning that you may use them even in commercial projects without worrying about the licensing issues.

Use Google Fonts on your Computer

Other than websites, you may also use Google fonts in your Office documents, Photoshop designs or any other computer program.

How to import Google Fonts on your Computer?

Import Google web fonts by following these three simple steps:

Step 1: 
    Download the SkyFonts desktop App from here and install Skyfonts desktop App

Step 2:
    Browse for Google Fonts


 Add google fonts to desktop
     You can add the particular font ( the font you like ) or else you can add the entire font family

add font

Step 3:
    You can also manage the added google fonts