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Amazon S3 module in drupal

The AmazonS3 module allows the drupal local file system to be replaced with S3, where the files can be uploaded or downloaded from S3. I used the following modules to achieve this:
Download and install these modules and place SDK library at sites/all/libraries/awssdk.
Check  'Status report'  for information about the installation of  AmazonS3 and AWSSDK.
Here we go:
  •  In admin/config/media/amazons3, give your default bucket name which you would have created in S3.


  •  Enter your "Amazon web services key" and "Amazon web services secret key" which is located in your Account settings at in  admin/config/media/awssdk.


  •  Change file system path to "s3://" and set Default download method to 'Amazon Simple Storage Service' in admin/config/media/file-system.



Kirti Valand (not verified)

Thu, 06/25/2015 - 03:24


Thank you for sharing this article. I will appreciate if you can help me.
I have installed AmazonS3 module and integrated it as describe and it started uploading images on S3 bucket as well. However, I have list of question in my mind.
1. Drupal default images stored in sites/default/files/xyz folder so how do I can create same folder under S3 bucket. For example I have offer folder under "sites/default/files/offers". How can I create offer folder on s3 base on the form_fields.
2. How can upload my existing images to s3 bucket.
3. How to retrieve the uploaded images for specific field.

Please help me for the.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Manikandan,

Thank you for your prompt reply. Images for newly created content are started uploading automatically in folder structure on s3. Now, only one task remain to upload existing images. I tried to upload images manually on s3 but it doesn't retrieve from s3 it just retrieve image which I had uploaded from newly created article. However, I will try given URL and see whether image upload in folder structure or not.