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How to enable Gzip compression in Apache
Apache, Gzip Compression

How to enable Gzip compression in Apache

The mod_deflate module provides the DEFLATE output filter that allows the output from your server to be compressed…
How to automate backup
Backup, MySQL, Drupal

How to automate backup for our codebase & database

Most of the sites rely on codebase & database which we can't afford to lose. We definitely need to implement a…
EBS Volume in Linux
AWS, Amazon, Linux

Expanding the Storage Space of an EBS Volume on Linux

This guide applies to increase the root volume size of an EBS EC2 Linux instance on AWS. By default, most Linux…
AmazonCloudFront, CDN, AWS, Drupal 7, Drupal planet

CDN Module, and Amazon Cloudfront in Drupal 7

Recently I decided to check out Amazon CloudFront to use it as a CDN. I felt delighted as it was so easy to setup…
Redirecting the site using the htaccess

Redirecting the site using the htaccess

You can redirect your website to another by using RewriteRule in .htaccess. For example: If your website URL is…
Background vidoes
Drupal, jQuery, Drupal planet

How to set up a video background in Drupal 7 using the jquery.videobackground…

I’ve recently been working on a jQuery plugin that uses a HTML5 video as the background for a page. An idea that…
Deal with hover in touch events
jQuery, Responsive design, Drupal planet

How to deal with hover on touch screen devices

Links with hover styles on touch devices are a bit of a complication. In short, they don’t really exist on these…
style tables with paging sorting and filter
Drupal 7, hook_menu, Pager

Drupal 7 - Creating Drupal style tables with paging, sorting and filter.

Recently I came across a requirement where I went through all the features in Drupal HTML tables. At times I was…