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Recently I came across a requirement where I went through all the features in Drupal HTML tables. At times I was startled to know the efficacy of the tables in Drupal 7. I would like to share the the same road trip I went through in Drupal 7. Let's begin with a step-by-step process to create tables inD7

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Pager: no new to the dictionary of Web, plays an important role in reducing long scrolling and improvises the visual look of the site. One of the pages in my site lists statistics based details. It wasn't that appealing to go ahead with this page which had almost 100 plus items to display. At this point I had a sudden idea to split the statistics with the help of pager.

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Of late in two of my Drupal sites I found that pagers were not shown. This happened independent of active theme and modules generating the page (views,  panels, or core blog module). Essentially I reproduced this in the Recent logs messages page and default Blogs listing page (?q=blog). Below is the snapshot of how it looked to me.

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