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How we managed to send 75k emails per hour

Ardent team at KnackForge always loves to get hands dirty with challenging projects. In this connection we recently took an interesting newsletter sending project from one of our potential clients who is doing relatively big in Internet marketing.

In brief, we were asked for a custom system for sending out newsletter emails, based on Drupal. Tentatively 600k emails to be sent per month. A newsletter list shall have up to 80k users and limited to a couple of lists to begin with.

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Leveraging CKeditor template to theme Drupal contents

WYSIWYG (a.k.a HTML Editor) has become a De facto for quickly formatting and publishing contents from dynamic site like Drupal. This is certainly a time saver and prevents from getting hands dirty with HTML.

In this connection, CKEditor has been a pioneer and around in use and development cycle for a decade (first release was on March 2003, in the name FCKeditor).

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Replacing lengthy URLs in simplenews newsletter email with Bit.ly short URLs

Simplenews, a newsletter module allows you to send customized confirmation emails on subscribe and unsubscribe actions. The default singe email confirmation for subscribe looks as below,


Confirmation for [simplenews-category:name] from [site:name]


We have received a request to subscribe [simplenews-subscriber:mail] to the [simplenews-category:name] newsletter. To confirm please use the link below.


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Creating separate page.tpl.php per content type


  • Template file to display a page's output in Drupal
  • This file contains a combination of php and html tags
  • To render the content, we need to use the PHP variables. For list of available variables, see handbook page


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Make confirmation emails from simplenews obey newsletter settings

Simplenews is one of the solid Newsletter management modules for Drupal. It allows a Drupal site to have multiple newsletters at once, nodes can be sent out as newsletter to multiple recipients on a single cron run. It plays well with HTML emails as well with Editors like WYSIWYG, Drupal mail system and other contrib modules like Mime Mail. Besides these, it allows to have specific sender name and email address per newsletter.

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Using MyISAM engine for custom tables in Drupal 7

Drupal 7 uses InnoDB as default MySQL engine for all tables in database. Innodb is a better option for processing large volume of data. It gives good support for ACID property, however there are some cases where the InnoDB falls short of ones expectation. Some common examples includes count queries, memory use of Innodb,etc., see here to know more.

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Altering labels in User registration form

It is apparent that we modify any form in drupal by implementing hook_form_alter(). But there are cases when even the hook_form_alter() cannot offer a solution in altering the form fields. I recently faced such a situation, when I was trying to empty the labels in the password & confirm password fields in the user registeration form in Drupal 7.
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Creating a custom drush command

No Drupal Developer needs introduction about Drush. The power and features of Drush has made the job easier for many developers. Drush by default has a list of commands that we can make use of, the entire list can be seen here. But apart from that, the Drush does has the feature to allow custom commands. 
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Creating horizontal form tabs in Drupal 7

Creating Vertical tabs in Drupal 7 forms is an easy task, but to accommodate the design needs we at times have to use different style. For instance, horizontal tab might be needed. The same makes more sense for shopping cart check out like pages. And here the need for looking solutions outside the Drupal core arises as horizontal tabs are not readily available in core.

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How to login as any user in Drupal site?

It is no surprise that production sites at times may work differently from dev / stage due to various factors. And in such circumstances, there is a need to login as real site user to be able to reproduce the issue. Of course it is not easy to fix a bug unless it is really reproduced by developer.

In one of my recent works, I found a simple trick using Drush to get access to real user account without distrubing his/her account credentials like login name, email, password, or similar.


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