Sep, 2015
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I'm running a multisite Drupal installation, Drupal's multisite allows me to run different websites off the same set of PHP files, but with different databases (so different content). Like example.com, example1.com, and example2.com. All of them point to single folder in my server.
What should be added to .htaccess file to use http authentication only for example2.com without affecting others (example.com and example1.com).
I have used below code to achieve what i want..
  1. set the "require_auth" var if Host ends with "example2.com"

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Aug, 2015
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Moodle is a free and open-source software learning management system written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License. Moodle is used for blended learning, distance education, flipped classroom and other e-learning projects in schools, universities, workplaces and other sectors.

Our main objective is that we wanted to manage all the users from Drupal i.e., use drupal as the front end for managing users. For this purpose, we have a moodle plugin and drupal module. Drupal services is a moodle authorization plugin that allows for SSO between Drupal and Moodle. Moodle SSO provides the Drupal functionality required to allow the Moodle training management system to SSO share Drupal sessions. 

In order to make SSO work, we need to ensure that sites can share cookies. Drupal and moodle sites should have url like drupal.example.com and moodle.example.com. As mentioned earlier, sites should be able to share cookies. To make sites use shared cookie, we need set the value of $cookie_domain in settings.php file on the drupal site. In our case, the site urls was something like drupal.example.com and moodle.example.com. For these type of sub-domains, the cookie_domain value can be set like the below one:

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Aug, 2015
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This post explains about creating slideshow in drupal. There are many ways and plugins available to create slideshow in drupal and I am going to discuss some methods which will be very efficient and useful.

1) Using Views slideshow module

2) Using jQuery cSlider plugin

3) Using Bootstrap carousel

1. Using Views slideshow module:

The modules required for this method are:

  1) Views

  2) Views slideshow

  3) jQuery cycle plugin ( Download here and place it at sites/all/libraries/jquery.cycle/)

Enable the added modules. To create views slideshow, create a new content type for instance "Slideshow" with an image field which can be used as slideshow image.

Add multiple slideshow nodes with images. Then, we have to create a view block with slideshow content. Select "slideshow" as required format and configure transition effect in the Settings link.


After saving this view, place this view block at neccessary region at admin/structure/blocks.

2. Using jQuery cSlider plugin:

1) You can download this plugin from here. There is also a demo file in this plugin which can be used as a reference.

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Aug, 2015

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   This blog describes how to clear views cache while inserting, updating and deleting a node. If we want to improve site performance, then views caching is one of the options.

   For example, let's consider that there is a view that display list of records and it will be updated occasionally. Then we can render views data from cache rather than server by setting up cache for views. We can set views cache at Advanced section of its settings page. Drupal supports time based caching by default. We can cache the views until 6 days. If you want to cache the views over 6 days, then you could select 'Custom' option and fill number of seconds in 'Seconds' textbox. 

Drupal 7: Clear views cache

   Suppose you have cached views for 30 mins. Then it won't display updated data until 30 mins, even if new node is added to that views. It displays updated data only after 30 mins because the views is cached for 30 mins. In that situation, the user can't view new data in cached views. So we need to clear views cache when we add a new node. Then only we can see new data in views and also data is rendered from cache. 

   Lets see how to clear views cache while inserting node:

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Aug, 2015
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Assume, I am able to print the gmap using Drupal code in a div. I would like this map to appear inside a fancybox and to be hidden on the website. I've managed to do it (fancybox works ok) however the map is not displayed correctly, I am getting "Javascript is required to view this map".
Here is an *experimental* method, that may allow you to successfully reboot a map.
  1. // Init Fancybox

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