DropThemes.in kickstart offer!

We are amazed, it’s just 50 days from our kickstart, DropThemes.in has been a leading site for buying and selling Drupal professional themes. With 1000+ average page views per day, we are surpassing 850+ downloads and 150 users as of now. This user response vitalizes us. We hope our platform will help many Drupal Themers to showcase their talent and skills.

To thank users for their interest on DropThemes.in, we are happy to announce the “Zero fee” offer. Grab this chance to sell your creative themes in our websites and get your 100% on your first payout!


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Pleased to announce the launch of DropThemes.in

We are happy to announce the launch of DropThemes.in, an online marketplace where Drupal themes can be sold by anyone and everyone; Drupal Themers can sign up, upload and sell their own themes! Our platform will enable both site builders and Themers take a step closer towards their wants and needs. DropThemes.in is a perfect stage for designers to showcase their talent and skills. Each and every theme is scrutinized and reviewed up till the very edge by our moderators and ensure the best congruency with Drupal framework.

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Drupal Views exposed filter as Links

In Drupal views, we have the option of exposing the filters to users. By default, the exposed filters are displayed as Select boxes. Recently in a multilingual project, there was a requirement to display Courses based on Language. And the Languages had to be shown as links. In order to achieve this functionality, the Views exposed filter had to be customized.

To start with the customization, we need to alter "views_exposed_form" using hook_form_alter

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Using Drush to administer multisite

One of the admiring features about Drupal is its ability to leverage single code base to power a stack of sites. Drush the excellent command line utility eases the work of administering Drupal sites.

Our recent work raised a question, will these two blend & work together?

Of course we tried this, the answer is yes but to be used with more caution!!

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Changing the number of blog posts to show in blog page

Every small finding is worth sharing. This blog post is no except for this fact. Drupal ships with a module for blogging since a long time. This mighty module offers a potential multi-user blogging feature to Drupal site. This is an essential module for most of the contents publishing site. Blog content has been architectured to leverage node. A new blog can be created by any user with permission "Blog entry: Create new content" as of Drupal 7.

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How to make Apache faster for Drupal

If you are reading this blog post you must be striving to improve the performance of your site. When we speak about performance two things should be taken into account essentially.

  1. Number of requests the site is able to serve (The more, The better)
  2. Response time per request (The least, The better)

I guess it is not much needed to stress as how essential the response time plays in deciding the success of a website. Apache the prominent Web server plays a key role in this connection.

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Creating pager in Drupal (without db_select() and PagerDefault)

Pager: no new to the dictionary of Web, plays an important role in reducing long scrolling and improvises the visual look of the site. One of the pages in my site lists statistics based details. It wasn't that appealing to go ahead with this page which had almost 100 plus items to display. At this point I had a sudden idea to split the statistics with the help of pager.

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