Rate slider module custom development

We have been working with a potential client to develop a Short films review site. Needless to mention voting is an essential features of the site. We leverage the Rate API module (successor of fivestar module).

Voting being the key component of site, we had to address a few cases (mentioned below) that are specific to project, but were not available by default in Rate module. However thanks to Rate module for offering such a rich API to extend and create custom widgets for project specific needs. In fact APIs are the one of the admiring concept about this module.

Our Role:

The team at KnackForge tweaked the slider module and developed an addon module, that would work on top of rate_slider.module to provide the following additional functionalities. The customized module was expected to have the following configurations,
General Settings
  • The slider module to have configuration to switch from one style to another (say from Vertical slider to Horizontal slider)
  • To show submit button to confirm voting
  • Customizable label for submit button
Slider settings
  • Option for setting minimum and maximum range for slider (say 0 to 10, -5 to 5, etc.).
  • Besides it should be possible to change the ranges at any time without affecting the previous votes.
  • Customized increment steps
  • Custom message when user drags the slider and when user submits a vote.
Technologies used:
  • Drupal 7
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
Drupal Sandbox URL:
We thought some of the features used in our project would be useful to other users as well. With the support from our client, we have made a new contrib module that will act as an addon to existing rate slider module. Currently it is in sandbox respository, however the code can be downloaded from http://drupal.org/sandbox/Sharanc25/1616970. Thank to our client Mr Sharan for co-ordinating along the whole process effectively.